3D Design, 3D Logos, 3D Type & Packaging

A 3D representation of your company logo is ideal for use in signage, presentations, financial reports and advertising materials. These sleek, striking 3D logo designs leave a lasting impression on clients, and add a touch of professionalism to your company’s branding elements.


I have worked as a 3D packaging, type and logo designer for a variety of Cape Town clients. My 3D designs are built, textured, rendered and photographed in MODO; the artwork is created using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, and incorporating UV maps.


Contact my Cape Town studio on lerie@loopslicestudios.com, or connect with me on Facebook for a quote on a 3D logo, 3D packaging and product design or 3D type and lettering.   

3D Logos & 3D Type

For something unique, why not consider doing your logo or headlines in 3D? This technique is perfect for use in signage, presentations, financial reports, as well as various other advertising literature and materials.


Contact us to enquire about any 3D Design Work.