"Creativity has always been a part of my life in all that I do and curiosity and versatility probably describe my capabilities best."


My background in the corporate world brings pragmatic understanding of business to my designs. But I think what gives my work a different edge is my deep interest in understanding human nature, the forces behind it and the world at large. I think this passion of mine brings a certain intuitiveness to the way I work; a process that has worked very well for me as well as my clients over the years.


I am passionate about design and the whole design process. Always learning about new techniques to bring better designs and products to life. Staying on top of the latest technology and marketing trends in how to bring more awareness and exposure to my clients. Finding ways to balance sound business practices with social and environmental awareness practices front of mind.


Loopslice Studios specialise in 3D design, 3D logos and type design, branding and logo design as well as providing other graphic design services.


A short background history. . .


Born and raised in Gauteng, South Africa, I spent the first years of my work life in the corporate environment; a great platform for learning about business and people. After 17 years of that, I left the corporate world behind to follow a more alternative lifestyle with a stint of living in the country. Here I had a chance of combining my business skills with my creativity – first as shop owner and gallerist, then as sculptor and artist in my own studio. During that time I also bought my first iMac which started me down the road of graphic design and eventually into the exciting world of 3D design and lately, also website building . . . watch this space! 

More about me. . .